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My first try at a woven blunt topped off with kief ahaha  one of many wild/intricate 420 rolls for the day .. blaze well folks..

i follow back fellow stoneys:)

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blunted pipe was a success:) cherried shot for ya folks

i follow back:)

rollin another one of these up today:)

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fireworks just started up..walk and a blunt out..happy 420 fellow stoners haha toke well

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yourlocaldealer asked: Are you a religious person ?



high as fuck send me anons ❤️

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Three days later, on April 19th 1943, Hofmann decided to intentionally ingest 0.25 milligrams of his LSD-25 to confirm the true effects of the new drug. He believed this tiny amount to be a threshold dose, but soon realized he had underestimated the potency of his discovery. Within an hour, Hofmann was experiencing the radical mental perception shifts of humanity’s first acid trip. Since wartime restrictions prevented the use of motor vehicles, he asked his lab assistant to escort him home by bicycle, and hence the date became known as “bicycle day”. Once home on his couch and assured by his physician that he was not fatally poisoned, Hofmann began to enjoy his “trip”:

“… little by little I could begin to enjoy the unprecedented colors and plays of shapes that persisted behind my closed eyes. Kaleidoscopic, fantastic images surged in on me, alternating, variegated, opening and then closing themselves in circles and spirals, exploding in colored fountains, rearranging and hybridizing themselves in constant flux…”
After his bicycle day experience, Hofmann realized he had made a remarkable discovery. He saw incredible potential in LSD for use in psychotherapy, but because of its “intense and introspective nature”, he never imagined LSD would have popular appeal. Little did he know that this new drug would go on to become a major catalyst in the development of the 1960s counter-culture, with the Haight-Ashbury as its ground zero. From the 1960s onward, the San Francisco Bay Area came to be known to the growing global psychedelic community as the “acid triangle,” where the majority of the world’s LSD supply was produced and distributed. This is very likely still the case today.

i follow back fellow psychees:)

time for me to bring this post around again:) have a nice bike ride everyone!;)

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